My beautiful daughter’s most recent post. I love this girl. ❤

sempiternal heart

I keep thinking, “God said he wouldn’t flood the earth again.”

And then I chide myself, remembering context, and throw some more clothes in a bag.  Pack up the embroidery projects.  Grab the copy of Les Mis that The Tall One gave me, the one with the poppies dried inside.  The dress I wore to New York.  The journal that Molly helped me make in print making, even though I wasn’t actually enrolled in the class.  Stare at my plants for ten minutes, trying to decide if I want to risk their lives on the floorboard of my car.

I remember my wild turns and inconsistent speeds when I’m tired at night, and leave them where they are.

“Don’t love anything that can’t love you back.”

Nikki told me that.  At Passover dinner, when I broke a piece of crystal.  Because I dropped it or something; I can’t remember.  But she…

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