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Love this girl and her wisdom!

Warning: this post may be slightly unpopular. You know what fashion trend I am completely over? Shirts with words on them. You know what I’m talking about…they’ll have random words like, “How about Tacos” or “#squad” or something like “Laundry Day.” The whole I’m-really-trying-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying look. And listen buddy, you ain’t foolin’ anybody. Just take your poly/cotton […]

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We’re Back!

We are back. My favorite guy and I went on an 18 day road trip covering over 4,000 miles to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I have to say, if we were able to travel from Texas to South Carolina to Upstate New York and home again with only two very small squabbles, I think we are good for the next 25 years. (Hey, everyone gets a little cranky after traveling 600 miles in one day. Don’t judge.) I have to tell you, I was already planning our next trip before we made it home. I’ve really got a hankering to see West Texas, specifically Big Bend, and possibly the Macdonald Observatory. I’m so lucky my guy is the easy going sort and will go just about anywhere with me — doesn’t really care when or where. He just throws some clean boxers in a bag and starts up the car!

I hit the ground running when we returned and I’m still catching up on business. I took a ton of photographs during our travels and I’ve a lot of stories to tell. (I spent part of our last couple of driving days typing rough notes on my iPad while my guy drove, so I wouldn’t forget things.) It’s going to be a few more days before I can get things written and posted the way I’d like, though. I’m thinking about doing “daily” installments, where I tell the story of each day we were gone, and share some corresponding photos, too.

Let’s shoot for starting Monday. See you then!

Road Selfie (Usie?) when we ventured off on our own after spending a few days with our Honglings in South Carolina.
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Just talk about Him, okay?

I’m having one of those moments where I literally feel like I’m floating. And no, there are no illegal substances in my body. Although, I did just eat some cotton candy grapes, and I’m convinced that there’s a magic ingredient in there, because those things are unreal. But I legitimately feel lighter than air. Ever since my […]

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Future Perfect

For the word nerds out there, there’s no explanation needed, but for the math geeks, future perfect tense refers to something that will have been completed at some point in the future.

I will have lived a lifetime when I take my last breath.

There’s really nothing profound about that statement, since a life can span any length of time at all, and every lifetime ends with a last breath. The question is, how will I fill up the time that comes before that last breath? How will I squeeze every bit of joy from the time God gives me on this earth, not wasting a bit of it, however long that is?

Recently I became aware of a new YouTube channel called The Journal Worthy Day. Created by Ben and Brittney Nelson, the channel is their effort to encourage us all to live “journal worthy” days. Along with their four adorable munchkins, they are striving to make sure each day is memorable — whether it’s something as adventurous as traveling to Rome, Italy, or playing in the backyard on a beautiful spring day. Their videos are enjoyable and inspiring, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

I’m not very video savvy, so you probably won’t see me starting a YouTube channel any time soon. However, I do enjoy words and photographs, and I’m wondering how many journals, scrapbooks, and blog posts I can create of “journal worthy” experiences? People often refer to “bucket lists” of things they want to do while on this earth. Often these things are crazy adventurous, like climbing Mount Everest, or free diving for pearls in the Sea of Japan. These things are certainly journal worthy, but a little adventurous for me. So here are some “journal worthy” things in no certain order that I would like to accomplish on my journey to the “future perfect” —

First image from a series I captured of a lunar eclipse in 2014.
  • travel to West Texas to photograph the moon and stars at night
  • create a scrapbook, or maybe a blog, composed of photographs of the knick knacks I’ve collected over the years, along with the stories behind them — I’ll then pass the knick knacks along to someone else to enjoy
  • become more involved in a church fellowship, once we find our new church home
  • drive up Highway 288 to photograph the Eclectic Menagerie along the left side of the road just before reaching the 610 Loop
  • finish the lap quilt I started for my sister probably more than a decade ago
  • tackle a crazy two week long, 3,700 mile road trip with my husband this summer
  • try new things with my camera and share the results
  • go on a photowalk in downtown Houston
  • finish my novel, blogging about the experience as I go
  • see the major Frank Lloyd Wright homes:

I expect that’s a decent list to start with. And certainly journal worthy. 

What will you do that’s journal worthy?

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Home, Whimsical Home

When we moved back to Brazoria County in 1999, it was difficult leaving Huntsville. We hadn’t even been there three years, but we’d sunk deep roots and made dear friends. I remember driving around town in the days prior to our final departure, trying to stamp the delightfully curvy, hilly streets with charming old homes and beautiful trees on my memory. As a backup, I carried my camera with me and took quite a few photos.

I noticed a man building a very unusual looking home and pulled over to check it out. He was a friendly fellow and offered to give us a tour, and didn’t mind a bit that I asked if I could take some photos.

You can’t see it in my photos, but he used walnut shell halves as part of the decoration around the front porch. And that bathtub is made with bondo!

How funny to see this video pop up on Zillow’s FB ad today, recounting Mr. Phillips’ continued commitment to recycling and building whimsical homes for people who can’t afford a home any other way. I find a great deal of joy in the idea of a man seeing a need and putting his own sweat and blood into the meeting of that need. While I am pretty sure he does not do this for the recognition, I am quite sure his legacy will be great in the minds and hearts of those who are blessed by his vision.

Junk Yard to Front Yard: Unique Homes by Dan Phillips